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Did You Know?

Why Patient Loyalty Is Important For Your Bottom Line


Patient loyalty leads to bottom line results. 

Why Payment Plans Can Be Complex & Costly


40% of Monthly Payments Originates from 4% of Accounts

Best Practice to Accelerate Patient A/R Cashflow


Professionals know pre-bad debt intervention is a key area to accelerate cashflow. 

Patient Payment Plan Loyalty Programs

BloomPayment is a healthcare finance company providing flexible patient loyalty finance platforms and account servicing options for healthcare providers. BloomPayment provides patients revolving lines of credit for their healthcare expenses while offering full account servicing and cashflow options for participating healthcare providers. 


Increase Patient Satisfaction & Loyalty

Give your patients access to the care they want, when they need it, without financial concerns. It's no secret that patient payments are becoming a larger portion of health system revenue, affecting patient's decisions on where to receive services. BloomPayment's loyalty finance platforms promotes your understanding of their financial needs. 


Patient Friendly Precollection Option

Reduce the number of delinquent accounts entering late-stage collections by focusing on patients that are willing to pay but don't have the immediate ability to pay the balance in full. 


Reduce Cost & Complexity

BloomPayment offers a low cost, easy to implement solution to manage and maintain a compliant payment plan program. Healthcare providers are able to reduce their cost and compliance burdens associated with payment plans. Business offices using the BloomPayment program are able to productively refocus resources on future appointments instead of chasing past business.


Increase Cashflow: Finance Patient A/R

BloomPayment's finance platform converts Patient A/R into cash for well qualified providers. BloomPayment coordinates funding of the remaining balance due and continues to service the account. 

How does it work?


Step 1: Choose when to offer BloomPayment 


Step 2: Account is flagged for BloomPayment in your billing system


Step 3: Account is sent via daily batch file or your preferred method


Step 4: Patients setup payments through BloomPayment


Step 5: You receive the funding


Step 6: BloomPayment continues to service the account, monthly statements, collections, and customer service

Design Your Payment Plans


Choose When To Offer

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Craft Your Message

BloomPayment offers targeted messaging to increase patient engagement and loyalty. 


Design Plans Your Patients Want

Design patient payment plans unique to their needs while conforming to your financial policies. BloomPayment's flexible program allows you to step up the minimum payment due as balances increase while allowing longer payoff periods for high balance accounts. 

Choose the Remittance You Want

Patients send their scheduled payments to BloomPayment on a monthly basis. However, you get to choose when and how you receive those payments. 

Payment Plan


Patients send their payments directly to BloomPayment. BloomPayment will process all payments, organize the payments into an electronic file, and remit them on a weekly basis. 



BloomPayment will coordinate funding, remit remaining balance due in one lump sum to the heatlhcare provider, and continue to service the account. 

Easy Integration & Implementation

BloomPayment's system has been engineered to work with your existing billing and payment systems. 

Easy Placement Options


Simply flag the account in your billing system to send accounts. BloomPayment provides several options to place accounts, including online patient requests, online portal account placement, batch file placement, and manual entry. 

Payment Remittance


Payments are remitted weekly to your bank and includes an electronic PDF remittance invoice and electronic file built to your billing software's specification, including EDI 835 remittances. Other options include check and mailed invoices. 

Critical Features

Additional Services

Call Center Support


First party call center support includes various degrees of patient interaction from simple payment or appointment reminders to full business office integration. 

Billing Statements & Letters


Mailings include simple outbound letter reminders and billing statements to full inbound lockbox, payment portal, and mail return processing.

Process Automation


Is manual data entry or processes slowing down your business office? Services include manual data entry support to full automation of your business office operations. 

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